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Why Bend???

There is a yoga/fitness center in every block of Chicago, so why Bend?  The name may fool but in the last year Bend has transitioned into a full on fitness center with Group fitness classes, private class, events and workshops.  The group fitness schedule is made to get you to your goals.  Every day there are classes to choose from but each day we alternate target areas, cardio, strength and restoration.  We are here to help you and be there for you from fitness to nutrition to bodywork.  We do like to push you a little more than you think you can handle, but the best feeling in the world is leaving feeling like you have accomplished something you didn’t think you could do and seeing yourself grow, get strong and form friendships.  Bend is way more than any other fitness center or gym.  You will see when you take that step through our doors and enter an amazing space and passionate instructors’.


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Bend Yoga & Movement Studio

1819 W. Grand Ave. #201 Chicago IL. 60622

bend yoga & movement studio | 1819 W. Grand Ave. #201 Chicago IL. 60622 | | 847-922-2342